Message from the Director - Spring 2010

The news coming out of the North Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) project in Greenland regarding reaching the Eemian is extraordinarily exciting. The Eemian ice core record has been sought after in the Northern Hemisphere ever since the days of deep core drilling at Camp Century in the early 1960s. While other paleoclimate proxies record the Eemian, the unprecedented resolution provided by the ice core will shed new light on the climate of our world. We wish our colleagues great success as they drill further back through time.

Looking now to the Southern Hemisphere, the U.S. ice coring community is in final preparations to complete the WAIS Divide ice core project. After over a decade of planning, site selection, camp construction and drilling, the community plans to reach their goal of drilling to 3,330 meters. This record will undoubtedly provide keen insights into Earth’s climate history.