Mount Moulton

General Information

During the 2003/04 Antarctic field season, PI Todd Sowers and colleagues collected cores from the blue ice areas at Mount Moulton. The core in the NSF-ICF archive is not continuous; however, large samples are available. The lat/long for the core is a best-estimate based on published results from other cores in the area. Mount Moulton is in Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica, and its blue ice area offers an ice record dating back beyond 140,000 years.

  • Korotkikh E, Mayewski PA, Handley M, Introne D, Sneed S, Kurbatov A, Dunbar N, McIntosh W (2011) The last interglacial as represented in the glaciochemical record from Mount Moulton Blue Ice Area, West Antarctica. Quaternary Science Reviews, 30(15-16), 1940-1947.