McCall Glacier

General Information

A 10.4 cm, 152-meter long core (McCallUC core) drilled in 2008 from the McCall Glacier, Alaska, for PI Matt Nolan. The core was drilled using an electromechanical drill until water was reached ~70 m below the surface, at which point a thermal drill was used. At 152 meters, drillers hit a rock at what the team believes was the bottom of the glacier, based on radar measurements of ice depth. The 152-meter long core was stored in Fairbanks for ~8 months and then transported to the NSF-ICF in February 2009, where it is currently archived. Portions of two shallow cores drilled elsewhere on McCall Glacier are also in inventory. McCall Glacier is located in northeastern Alaska in the Romanzof Mountains in the eastern Brooks Range and is ~230 km northeast of Toolik.