Dominion Range

General Information

The Dominion Range is located along the edge of the East Antarctic ice sheet, approximately 500 km from the South Pole and 120 km from the Ross Ice Shelf, at the confluence of Beardmore and Mill Glaciers. During the 1984 austral summer, the University of New Hampshire undertook a field program on the plateau of the Dominion Range. Studies conducted during the field program included: (1) development of an ice drainage map for the study region, (2) radio-echo sounding in the general region of the drill site, (3) surface and detailed snowpit (6 meters and 1-2 meters deep) sampling, and (4) collection of a 201-meter core (drilled by the University of Nebraska's Polar Ice Coring Office) including on-site examination of the physical condition of the core, temperature, and density. The 201 m long, 10 cm diameter, core has been heavily sampled and the remaining archive at the ICF is not continuous.