Photo of the main archive freezer at NICL

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Directions from Boulder, CO

(Total trip time 40-50 minutes, depending on traffic)

Take Broadway south out of Boulder. It becomes State Highway 92 and continues into Golden, eventually becoming 6th Avenue eastbound. Passing under Interstate 70, continue on 6th Avenue eastbound out of Golden to the Kipling Avenue south exit. Take Kipling Avenue south to the second light at Gate 1 of the Denver Federal Center. Turn right into Gate 1. Be prepared to show picture identification at the gate. After clearing security, drive through the gate straight ahead (the road curves somewhat to the left) to the second stop sign. Turn left. As you turn you will see the first in a series of blue and white signs that will guide you around Building 810 to NICL. Follow these signs to Door S25. Parking is unrestricted.

Map of Boulder to Denver Federal Center

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